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Free medical camps are set up with a sacred aim to bring awareness amongst the deprived population of the country who have no access to basic healthcare services or knowledge about the diseases they are suffering from. So, medical camps provide free medical advice, medicine to the unfortunate people and refer for specialized treatment or surgery whenever it is required. These camps make sure people are getting the healthcare at the right time, and seeing the doctor early enough before a small health problem turns serious.
Some of the most preventable diseases known to humans are hate and gender differences along with emotional distress which continues to breed hunger and infect humankind. There will be a time when we will have to have a respect for all humans and provide equal access to food and the resources by which to be able to obtain nourishment or hunger will continue to be a problem. Like history dictates, it usually will require a disaster before we consider a transformation, which is a concept that each person is going to have to realize to end hunger.
Tutor underprivileged students. Education is one of the best predictors of success in children. Hold a clothes and books drive. Many children do not have basic necessities. Sponsor an impoverished child. There are around 400 million children worldwide living in extreme poverty. Help them to grow up with Proper Education by providing adequate support towards as much as needs.
We want to serve the poor and needy people in the Society, but we alone can’t do it. We have miles to go and need support from kind hearted generous donors like you. Please become a sponsor for sirisha foundation activities to help us and continue to serve the most deprived in the Society.



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